About Gremmen

The name Gremmen is a household name in the Netherlands and Germany in the field of small trade and fashion haberdashery.


More than 40 years ago Piet Gremmen started his wholesale business in Oss.

With his nose for quality and unique products in combination with his commercial spirit, he quickly became a household name in this world. Quality and low prices? Then you should go to Gremmen.

This wholesaler originated from a family of market traders. In the beginning, Piet was also active on the market in addition to the wholesale trade. This also brought his trade very close to the consumer and he knew exactly what was going on at a given moment and what was in demand.

Quint Gremmen

In 2017, his cousin Quint took over the wholesale business.

After growing up as a child in the same street next to Piet’s wholesaler and also having been on the market with these articles for more than 18 years, he was a customer of this wholesaler himself. After the new start, he has now got the company on track for the future.

The tradition of high-quality products at competitively low prices continues.